Serving the Central Minnesota area, we here at Level Ground hope you will let our years of experience in concrete leveling help your driveway, sidewalks, and slabs last longer, look better, and be safer.

Are "Concrete Leveling" "Slab jacking" "Mud jacking all the Same?

"Concrete Leveling", "Slab jacking", or "Mud jacking" are often terms used to describe the process of "grout pumped under pressure through injection holes (usually 1.5 inch diameter) to raise faulty or sunken concrete".

The process begins by drilling holes, lifting and leveling the concrete, and then void filling the entire sub-grade, raising the concrete to it’s original elevation.

Using a hydraulic grout pump, our exclusive non-shrink cement grout is pumped under the sunken concrete at the rate of 1 cubic foot per minute. After the lifting is complete, the area is cleaned of excess drill tailings and grout, then the holes are repaired. Most work can be completed in less than 4 hours.

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